Ten things to know about living in NYC

I left New York City about a year ago now. Shockingly to many New Yorker friends of ours, my husband and I left entirely voluntarily while still in our twenties (more shocking yet: we *didn’t* leave for SF).

Having been removed from the city for a year now, I appreciate it even more than I did when I left. I’ve felt the exact same way with Toronto; my love for both cities seems to grow as time passes. Change has brought me perspective, and perspective has brought me gratitude.

I visited NYC last week and all of the feels came back. I walked the streets grinning ear-to-ear like an idiot. Still wearing all black, but definitely grinning. I felt right at home; I relished in the craziness that I’d actively decided to leave — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I left New York, I’d jotted down a short list of recurring observations I’d had while living there: mostly inconsequential, mildly helpful things I found interesting that I would’ve loved to have told a past version of myself before I moved.

Since I never shared it, now feels like the time. Enjoy!

Dear past self: Ten things to know about living in NYC

  1. No matter how much you know about a celebrity, you will be starstruck and have nothing of substance to say when you run into them on the street.



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